Will I Lose My Assets?


Will I Lose My Car or Home After Bankruptcy?

Many people are hesitant to file bankruptcy because they are concerned about losing their assets, including a car or home. This is a common misconception about Chapter 7, often because it is also known as "liquidation bankruptcy." Before counting bankruptcy our, it is important to know the facts about bankruptcy law, including what happens to your assets after bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy law and your assets

You may wonder, "Will I lose my car or home after bankruptcy?" There are different bankruptcy options for all consumers depending on your income, amount of debt and assets. Congress has enacted the exemption laws that enable debtors to file for bankruptcy and retain certain assets up to a certain dollar amount. There are available exemptions to protect your property, including but not limited to:

Prior to filing, Attorney Williams will conduct a liquidation analysis to ensure that your assets will be protected by the exemptions that are available to you under the bankruptcy laws. In the event that you are not able to exempt out the equity in all of your assets, there may be other options available to you.

Susan M. Williams, will take an informed and strategic approach to your case, analyzing your income, debts, and assets, to devise an appropriate debt relief solution for you. If you are still wondering, "Will I lose my car or home?" know that you have rights and options under the bankruptcy code. Attorney Williams will inform you of all possibilities, including alternatives to bankruptcy and will help you understand life after bankruptcy, before pursuing your case.

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