Can I Get Judgment Liens off My Property?


Can I Stop a Judgment Lien Against My Property?

If you have a judgment lien against your home or are concerned about the possibility of a future lien, it is important to take action now to protect your rights. A judgment lien is a court ordered claim against real property, usually after a creditor has sued and obtained a judgment in the case. A judgment lien will affect the title of your home and your credit. Susan M. Williams, LLC is an experienced bankruptcy attorney and can inform you of your rights that may be available to you to remove a judgment lien.

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Bankruptcy to discharge or stop a judgment lien

If a creditor has obtained a judgment against you and you fail to pay, they can exercise rights available to them, such as placing a lien on your home. In certain circumstances, if it has been found that a judgment lien is impairing your homestead exemption, you may be able to file a motion with the bankruptcy court. Attorney Williams has experience filing these motions and has helped many clients avoid having judgment liens placed on their homes. If this has happened to you, it is important to take action as soon as possible.

A judgment lien can be placed on property for any number of bills or debts including:

  • Unpaid credit card bills
  • Utility bills
  • Department store bills
  • Landscaping or home improvement bills
  • Car payments

"I want to stop a judgment lien and clear my debt now!"

We understand the urgency faced by our clients who want to stop a judgment lien and get a fresh start. When you are seeking relief, including the removal of a judgment lien on your property, Susan M. Williams has the experience and dedication to protect your rights and interests. She will take the time to review the facts of your case, inform you of your options, and pursue the best recourse in your case to achieve debt relief and the removal of a lien.

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